The Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

Where East meets West

Welcome to Tbilisi Outlet Village, Georgia's premier destination for shopping, dining, and more. Nestled just 30 minutes southeast of the capital, our outlet village is strategically located on the bustling E60motorway, making it a convenient and irresistible stop for both local residents and international visitors.



Since its beginnings in 2006, Domus has quickly established itself as the leading development and construction group and one of the most prominent real estate groups in Georgia. Based in Tbilisi, its portfolio today includes some of the most prestigious residential, hotel, office as well as commercial real estate projects.

The group has a diversified portfolio of various leading companies including real estate development, construction, manufacturing and distribution of construction materials as well as design and architectural agencies.


TORG International is a growing global outlet development group. It is a unique alliance of professionals delivering a comprehensive approach to outlets on a worldwide scale. The team aspires to create the world’s best outlet centers from the ground up, focusing on non-saturated and emerging markets with yet untapped potential.

TORG started to work on TBILISI OUTLET VILLAGE in January 2020. It was awarded the prestigious Project of the Future prize at the Annual Europa Property CEE Investment Awards in Warsaw in October 2021.


Founded in 2018, Georgian Outlets & Resort Group is led by a number of prominent Georgian entrepreneurs including Guram Tsanava as well as the founding partners of Domus.

Guram Tsanava is a seasoned executive, entrepreneur, and business strategist with over 25 years of diversified, functional, and industrial experience and a solid track record of managing large holding companies and nurturing new ventures. He was a CEO and a Senior Executive of the two largest holding companies in Georgia (both in Top 20).


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