A Unique Shopping Promenade – A Delightful Place to Spend Time

Celebrating Heritage

Premium in its design, look and feel, the inspiration for Tbilisi Outlet Village has come from the historical architecture of Tbilisi and the surrounding Georgian villages. With a 21st Century twist, a unique shopping promenade will create a delightful place to spend time throughout the whole of the year.

A Highly Accessible and Strategic Location

Tbilisi Outlet Village can be found in a highly accessible and strategic location. With easy access to the city, airport and road network shopping has never been this easy. As a retail and tourist destination, straightforward access is fundamental to its success. With infrastructure being planned to service Georgia's first outlet village, everyone will be welcome and able to join us.

Future motorway, E60, to be built alongside Tbilisi Outlet Village, linking to rest of Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, the Caucasus and the Black Sea.

1.4 Million

People Live in Tbilisi

3.7 Million

People Live in Georgia

9 Million

Average vehicles per
annum on current E60

20 Million

Expected journeys
on new E60 motorway

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September 2024