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The opening of phase 1 of Tbilisi Outlet Village consisting
of 12,500 sq m GLA will bring together a well curated mix of brands.
Two thirds of the space is already leased.

Construction of phase1 of Tbilisi Outlet Village outside the
Georgian capital is progressing rapidly. All of the steel
structures for the 70 future units along with a number of
buildings and facades have been erected at the beginning
of 2023. The opening of phase 1 is now scheduled for
Spring 2024.

“We are creating a completely new shopping experience
for Georgia, one that has no equivalent in the region, a fusion
of tradition and modernity,” explains Guram Tsanava,
Founding Partner of GORG. “The response to the project
has been overwhelming since we started to go to market
in 2020. On top, tourism has been skyrocketing last year,
reaching unprecedented numbers, both from the region
and globally. It is expected that the trend will continue with
the majority of cross border travelers disposing of significant
purchasing power.”

Barbara Horatz, Partner Retail & Marketing at TORG
International adds: “Georgia is a strongly emerging market and
a fashion hotspot at the edge of Europe. When visiting
Tbilisi in early February with our team, we witnessed how
many international brands have been entering the country
recently, especially premium and luxury labels. We are
determined to make Tbilisi Outlet Village the #1 outlet in
Eastern Europe.”

“Our team is now fully immersed in working on the
detailed design and operational set up together with the
local team,” says Neil Thompson, Partner Development &
Operations at TORG International. “When meeting with
them, we were delighted to sense the appreciation and
cooperation of these eager and professional entrepreneurs.
Like the first Georgian wine makers, together,
we will bring something very special out of the country’s
fertile soil, a true outlet.”


The opening of phase 1 of Tbilisi Outlet Village consists of
12,500 sq m GLA and will bring together a well curated mix
of brands including well known designer labels from
Europe, the US, and Georgia as well as mainstream
fashion and major sportswear brands. Two thirds of the
space is already leased, nine months before opening.
A strong gastronomic offer will be of particular focus given
the country’s food culture and its 8,000-year-old history in
winemaking. Phase2 is scheduled to follow within 3 years
after the opening of phase 1 to bring the project to a total
of 20,000 sq m GLA and 110 units.

Tbilisi Outlet Village is expected to attract a total of
7 million visitors in its first three years alone, including a
significant number of cross-border travelers from Azerbaijan,
Armenia, Russia and Turkey. The outlet’s location is
particularly well suited – 30 minutes south-east of the capital,
directly on the busy E60 motorway. It benefits from a
strong catchment made up of Tbilisi’s 1.4 million resident
population in a country of 3.7 million people. A survey conducted
at the start of the project in February 2020 amongst
300 Tbilisi residents predicted that 73% intend to visit Tbilisi
Outlet Village at least once a month. The concept was
highly appreciated with a rating of 9 on a 10 point scale.

Financed by the Domus Group with the support of TBC
Bank, one of Georgia’s leading banks, it is a strategically
important project for Georgia’s national economy.

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